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Since 2000, Ian Barfoot, a Director of CAAAS Audit Services, has been a Senior Auditor on over 40 cost-based projects delivered under the alliance model.  Ian has performed audits on behalf of many principals including Sydney Water, Qld Main Roads, Gold Coast Water and NSW Roads & Traffic Authority.  Alliance audits have been conducted on the majority of Australia’s largest constructors and consulting engineers including the Leighton’s group of contractors, SKM, Abigroup, United Group, MWH Australia, Maunsells and Tenix Alliance.


CAAAS Audit Services has an understanding of the information clients require to negotiate the margin knowledgably with the participants.  CAAAS Audit Services has the capability to identify and report on matters that may be of concern during the project but not readily evident or under consideration during the negotiation phase.  This capability allows the relationship between the principal and the participants to remain healthy throughout the life of the project by confronting issues before they arise.


The reporting of audit observations and recommendations to the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT) improves the financial management of the project.  CAAAS Audit Services monitors the cost discrepancies reported to the ALT to ensure they are corrected in a timely manner.


CAAAS Audit Services is committed to providing a professional service that is conducted efficiently and cost effectively using well developed audit methodologies.


You can be assured that when you engage CAAAS Audit Services, you are selecting auditors with knowledge and experience in the application of the alliance delivery model within the construction industry.

Constructors & Consulting Engineers
  • Sydney Water

  • Qld Main Roads

  • Gold Coast Water

  • NSW Roads & Traffic Authority

  • Leighton Group

  • SKM

  • Abigroup

  • United Group

  • Maunsells

  • Tenix Alliance

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