​CAAAS Audit Services was established in July 2005 to specialise in the statutory audits and/or reviews required by members of not-for-profit entities in South East Queensland, and audits required by principals of alliance styled infrastructure projects.

Not-for-Profit History


Director, Ian Barfoot, was an auditor with two firms prior to establishing CAAAS Audit Services.  He has specialised in the audit of not-for-profit entities, particularly for licensed liquor and gaming venues in South East Queensland.  He has been the partner-in-charge of statutory audits relating to the Corporations Act 2001, Associations Incorporation Act, Trust Accounts Act and the Property Agents & Motor Dealers Act.


Alliance History


Director, Ian Barfoot, first became involved in establishment reviews and alliance financial audits whilst he was a partner at a specialist audit firm.  Whilst in partnership, Ian consulted to a firm that specialised in the audit of alliance styled infrastructure projects.  This consultation commenced in May 2000 and continued through to mid-2007.  Ian’s experience extends to over 40 alliance styled infrastructure projects.

  • ​Statutory Audits

  • Statutory Reviews

  • Alliance Financial Audits

  • Corporate Governance

  • Gaming Machine Reviews

  • Not-for-Profit Entities

  • Incorporated Associations

  • Clubs

  • Licensed Liquor and Gaming Venues

  • ACNC Registered Charities

  • Deductible Gift Recipient Organisations

  • Public Benevolent Institutions